Send a Cow to Africa

Elmwood College Student Development department were enthusiastic to play their part in raising money for ‘Send a Cow to Africa’ recently. The students came together to take part in a sponsored charity walk/run to raise funds for the cause, raising a total of £382.

Andrew Morrison, Assistant Principal said, “It was a successful event with lots of students and staff participating! On the strength of the day we are planning to get involved again next year!  I would like to thank everyone for their support including the patient staff who had the task of counting all the loose change.”

Send a Cow works with people in Africa to overcome poverty and malnutrition in a sustainable manner through the development of animal production and through groups capable of managing their own future. Work began in Uganda in 1988 and has now spread to Kenya, Lesotho, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia. Poor households are given dairy cows and other livestock, which are procured locally.

Millions of Africans are currently experiencing food shortages. Many more will be at risk if the next harvest, due in September/October. Sending a cow enables more families to move towards self-sufficiency, thus better protecting themselves from drought and other climate challenges.

Aklilu Dogisso, Country Director of Send a Cow to Africa, described the situation in certain areas of Africa as “very worrying” and said his team are monitoring the situation closely. Send a Cow to Africa is currently assessing its projects, many of which are located in areas with severe food shortages.

Donations can be accepted via the hotline 01225 874 222 or log-on to


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