7,000 Pheasants Hatch at Elmwood Farm

Elmwood College Gamekeeping students are currently involved in the hatching of pheasant chicks as part of their seasonal game bird rearing programme. The process started in April and will continue until the end of May, with approximately 900 pheasant chicks being hatched every week.
The students catch up the laying stock in January, with the female pheasants producing eggs in early April.  The eggs are collected by the students on a daily basis, then washed and stored. They are then set in incubators on a weekly basis as part of the hatching process.
After the chicks have hatched, they are sold to local game farmers who rear them to eight weeks of age, before selling them on to sporting estates.
David Harris, NC Gamekeeping, Wildlife and Conservation student said,  “It has been an invaluable hands-on experience to be involved in the process of hatching the pheasants.”
Jim Goodlad, Elmwood College Gamekeeping lecturer commented,  “The students find this one of the more enjoyable units during the course because of the practical activities and the rearing programme that follows.”

Pictured from left Paul Swan and David Harris.


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