Basic Chainsaw Techniques

Lantra Unit - CLMC41x
Maintenance, cross cutting and basic felling (up to 200 mm)

Integrated Training and Assessment Course
Whether you intend to use a chainsaw for crosscutting firewood or for more hazardous operations within the canopy of a tree, the first stage of training is basic chainsaw techniques.

This course is for those with no training or very limited experience in the use of chainsaws and is relevant to new operators of chainsaws within specialist industries where chainsaws are used to cross cut timber products.

The course content includes:  maintenance of the saw; operator safety; working procedures and cross cutting practice

Physically fit employees who are capable of performing heavy manual tasks.

The expected learning outcome is that the trainee:

1 Understands the regulations and safety requirements related to the use of the chainsaw
2 Prepares for use and maintains the chainsaw to prescribed standards
3 Cross cuts timber to specified standards of accuracy, using safe efficient techniques
4 Presents produce as specified to facilitate subsequent extraction or loading
5 Fells safely and accurately trees up to one times guide bar length diameter
6 Sneds trees to specified standards of safety and quality
7 Uses appropriate aid tools and techniques for take down of lodged trees and directional felling
8 States the procedures for breakdown of hardwood crowns

1 Protective clothing, safety regulations Fastco 301.  Kinetic principles
2 Machine components and functions, controls.  Daily, weekly and periodic maintenance of the saw, guide bar and chain.  Cold and hot starting techniques.  Chain brake testing.  Recommended fuel mixtures
3 Cross cutting techniques and safety standards as specified in Fastco 304.  Roadside conversion and stacking.  Handling aids
4 Conversion of timber to given end product specification.  Kinetic principles in moving produce.  Aid tools.  Presentation in the wood - shortwood and whole pole.  Disposal of lop and top
5 Factors affecting choice of felling direction - safety, tree form, climatic conditions ease of subsequent timber movement, facilitation of extraction.  Identification of potential hazards (entwined trees, butt rot etc).  Felling techniques and safety standards as specified in Fastco 302, for tree up to one times guide bar diameter.
6 Snedding techniques and safety standards as specified in Fastco 303.
7 You may bring your own chainsaw and protective clothing, however if this is difficult these can be provided.

This course is approved for funding through ILA (Individual Learning Account) Scotland

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